Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Babies to Toddlers

For the record we are walking now - Josh better than Rachel - and hopefully we'll figure out how to post some video soon!!

Josh avoiding a head bashing from "deek" (drink)
One final swing before mommy sold all our baby stuff
The baby area gets a makeover complete with riding zebra, balls, a pillow lounge.....and our very own bookshelf!
Okay, the livingroom is cool, but not as great as our kitchen
After returning from pajama day at daycare, Rachel prepares dinner in her slippers
Josh also enjoyed pajama day, but hasn't decided what to cook yet
Rachel displaying her typical silliness
These are a few of my favorite hat, Rachel's paci and mommy's phone
Josh can keep the paci, I've got his drink and my hat is cuter! My superhero relaxing after a long night at Mimi and Papa'sRachel snoozes on the way home too - as she usually does 5 minutes into every road trip

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  1. I can't believe how much they have grown up! I love the bookcase...that's so cute how you have a blue and pink basket on either side! Where did you get the bookcase? We need something for Anna Claire's room...we end up with toys everywhere!