Sunday, September 20, 2009

Staying Silly

Looking like big kids!
Just hangin' out with Tony...he's grrrreat!
This bite is bigger than my whole mouth
There are no words...thanks daddy..
Maybe I'll give this bite to Abu
Driving home from school

Friday, September 11, 2009


Going to "School"

Riding Daddy


22 Months - growing up so fast..

Riding in style (and yes my little klepto is taking a sock along with her)
I prefer to take the wheel!
Rocket scientist or model...why not both?
My little busines man..wonder if they allow paci's in the workplace?
Digging in our cool sand turtle
Hangin' out with our awesome cousins! Something tells me we'll be well protected as we get older..

Around Town at 21 months

Enjoying the lazy daze of summer..
Our first trip to the pool - thanks Jo Jo!
Choo Choo! Takin' a ride through Hamilton Place
Checking out the big kids at Playworld
Head first is the only way to go
Makin' some noise at the aquarium
Ready for my cue to play!