Thursday, March 20, 2008

How cute are we?

Going to church for the first time!

Get ready real world, can you handle this cuteness?

My little man in his khakis - watch out girlies!

We love our new bouncy seat!!

I mean, we really love our new bouncy seat!

Okay, so the old seat gets the "Loser" sign..not as exciting, but great for chillin'

Mommy and Daddy time

Hey, we're starting to look alike!
Quality reading time with daddy
Okay, this is more typical time with daddy
Talking with mommy (yes, also typical)
My momma's boy trying to eat my hands

Time with grandparents

Rachel with Mimi (Terry's mom) and her baby doll - how cute!!
Josh with Papa (Terry's dad) Josh with Grandmama (my mom - I let them pick their own name) Rachel with Abu (short for Abuelo - grandfather in Spanish, but my nephews couldn't quite pronounce it, so now he's officially Abu)